J O Builders, LLC - Building Decks and Finishing Basements
Customer                     Location                  Project                                    E-Mail
The Allen’s                        Stillwater, MN                   Screen Porch/Deck                      allenrn@comcast.net
The Skokan’s                    Stillwater, MN                   Deck                                                    megan.hauer@yahoo.com
               “… You did an awesome job on our deck!! It is just beautiful! We love, love, love it!!...”
The Hart’s                          Stillwater, MN                  Deck                                                    theharts2harts@comcast.net
The Bergh’s                       Woodbury, MN                Deck                                                    bergh1123@me.com
               "We're very satisfied with the whole project from design through construction. Jon is nice to work with and combines good practical ideas with fine workmanship."
The Engebretsen’s          Woodbury, MN              Basement Finish                              steinar.engebretsen@gmail.com
The Olson’s                      Stillwater, MN                   Deck, Basement Finish                 dolson@sjm.com
The Brenden’s                 Stillwater, MN                   Deck                                                    ksbrenden@msn.com
The Eesley’s                     Stillwater, MN                   Kitchen Remodel                             gregandelisa@comcast.net
               "J O BUILDERS is the best in the business with any of your big or small remodeling or construction needs. I am a satisified customer and have been for years.."
The Lind's                           Cottage Grove, MN         Deck                                                 mikelind@comcast.net
The Maloney's                   Stillwater, MN                    Basement Finish                           jennifer.s.maloney@gmail.com
The Stakes'                         Stillwater, MN                   Basement Finish                          mike.stakes@wellsfargo.com
The Williams'                       Stillwater, MN                   Entertainment Center               stjwilliams@hotmail.com
The Thomas'                        Stillwater, MN                    Deck                                              chadwthomas@yahoo.com
                 "We have been very happy with your work, and look forward to working with you again when it comes time to finish off our basement."
The Raines'                           Woodbury, MN              Deck, Tile Backsplash              cwraines@q.com
                  "Thank you for being such a big part of creating memories for our family in Minnesota. We are enjoying everything that you have so expertly crafted."
The Walseth's                     Cottage Grove, MN        Deck, Basement                         vgwalseth@comcast.net
                  "The basement is looking fantastic! Thank you."
The O'Brien's                    Stillwater, MN                    Deck                                              obrientimes4@comcast.net
                    "You did an absolutely beautiful job and we can't wait to start using it! Thanks again."
The Hoppers                      Lakeville, MN                     Deck                                               rachhopper@hotmail.com
                   "We are absolutely thrilled with the way that the deck has turned out and credit your craftsmanship and hard work with providing us with such a nice addition to our home."
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